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About ElevéRealty

ElevéRealty, in its essence, is not simply about transforming luxury living; it is a dedicated effort to infuse a lasting legacy into the very foundation of real estate development. With a vision to curate a portfolio of premium farmhouses, retreat beach/hill homes, luxury residences, and tailored real estate solutions, we are steadfast in our commitment to crafting spaces that transcend mere habitats to become legacies.

Our Commitment

Under the guiding ethos of "Elevating Life, Curating Legacy," we are committed to pioneering a new dimension of living spaces that resonate deeply with the aspirations and sensibilities of a discerning clientele. Our target audience encompasses those who yearn for an enriched lifestyle — be it through serene farmhouses nestled in nature, tranquil retreat homes for rejuvenation, opulent luxury homes for unparalleled comfort, or tailor-made realty solutions that manifest personal visions into tangible realities.

Keep Building Your Legacy

After years of ambition and hard work, you've earned the right to luxury and contentment. Whether it’s a dreamy farmhouse, a serene hill retreat, or an idyllic beach home, we’re here to make it yours. Elevate Life, Curate Legacy with us — share your dream and let us find your perfect property within your budget. Your dream abode awaits!

Services at ElevéRealty

Explore ElevéRealty's tailored project development and bespoke buying agency services. 

We'll develop, curate or find your perfect property within your budget—share your dream with us.


Curated Project Development

Elevate your real estate journey with ElevéRealty's curated project development services. Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique preferences and requirements, guiding you through a selection of properties that align with your vision. Experience a personalized approach to property development that reflects your individuality and lifestyle.

We are in process of imagining and shaping our portfolio from the ground up, ensuring that every future development carries our signature marque of innovation, exclusivity, and transformative living experiences. 


Bespoke Buying Agency

Immerse yourself in the luxury of ElevéRealty's bespoke buying agency. Our seasoned experts transform your property aspirations into reality, offering personalized solutions tailored to your preferences and buying brief. From choosing prime locations, conducting detailed inspections, and negotiating deals to performing thorough due diligence and handling legal paperwork, we ensure every step is taken with precision. 

Embrace the exclusivity of a property that mirrors your personal style, sophistication and budget.


Luxe Listings

Trust ElevéRealty's expertise in luxury real estate listings. Whether you are buying or selling, our team specializes in showcasing premium farm, hill/beach and luxury properties that cater to your refined taste. Benefit from our extensive network and tailored marketing strategies to ensure a seamless and successful real estate transaction.


Commercial Collaborations & Advisory

We connect dynamic businesses with the perfect environments to thrive. By curating tailored solutions, we help you find spaces that align with your brand and vision. From bustling urban hubs to serene office settings, our expertise ensures you lease spaces that inspire innovation and growth. Partner with us and discover the ideal space for your business success.

Our Visionaries

We're Building a Team Destined for Greatness

Gurpreet Singh

Co Founder

 As a seasoned marketing practitioner, serial entrepreneur, and investor, he brings a multifaceted perspective to his role as Co-Founder of ElevéRealty. His extensive background across various industries empowers him to significantly contribute to shaping the luxury real estate landscape. With a strategic focus on innovation and brand differentiation, he is dedicated to positioning ElevéRealty as a pioneering force, committed to delivering unparalleled luxury living experiences. His passion for growth, keen market insight, and investment acumen drive him to explore new opportunities, ensuring ElevéRealty's offerings are not just properties, but enduring legacies.

Rajan Sood

Investor - Advisor

Rajan Sood stands as a distinguished investor and advisor, bringing an internationally celebrated legacy of business leadership with profound expertise in technology-driven sectors such as banking, fintech, and proptech. Notably in his lustrous career,  held pivotal roles as Business Head at PropTiger.com, Director & Head Digital at Paisabazaar, and Head Digital Lending at Aditya Birla Group. His tenure in these positions underscored his visionary leadership and deep-seated knowledge in the real estate and financial services sectors, contributing significantly to their evolution and success.  He  continues to wield his extensive experience and insights to shape the future of real estate investment and advisory services.

Santosh Chobey

ElevéRealty has elevated my real estate experience to new heights. Their curated approach helped me find a property that truly resonates with my lifestyle. ElevéRealty doesn't just sell properties; they create a legacy of personalized service.

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We'll curate or find your perfect property within your budget—share your dream with us. ElevéRealty is enhancing its website with fresh projects and listings. Stay tuned for our all-new site reveal.